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Steel wire longevity depends on the type and thickness of protective coating around the wire. Zinc is commonly used to cover (galvanize) steel wire to protect it from rusting.There are several ways of applying zinc to steel wire and some are claimed to be superior to others. However, results of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) show no practical differences among galvanization methods.

Zinc coatings are measured in ounces of zinc per square foot of wire. The more zinc per foot, the more years of wire use before rusting starts.

The ASTM has established "classes" of zinc coatings for steel wire based on the number of years that zinc coating delays rusting under different climatic conditions. Class 1 has the lightest zinc coating and class 3 has the heaviest.

Some dealers stock and sell wire fencing that may have LESS than Class 1 coating.
This is often referred to as "regular" galvanizing.

Don't be fooled by some manufacturer's painting certain parts of their wire. Only "class of galvanization" and "gauge of wire" can determine the quality of your wire purchase.

On gates. Welded ones are better than "bent" or rounded" gates since they are much more durable.


High tensile field fence and barbed wire is signifcantly stronger, can be stretched tighter using fewer posts for faster installation and less sagging. High tensile wires combined with Class 3 galvanizing gives you easier installation and longer wire life.

NOTE: Be sure to look at the tag on your wire to see if it says 
"C1" (class 1 galvanization) or "C3" (class 3 galvanization). 
Class 3 galvanization has TWICE the galvanization that Class 1 galvanization has.


"GREEN" manufacturing of wire products protects our environment.

Many of our wire fencing products are produced by DEACERO. All of their steel mills and plants are eco-friendly and incorporate the latest technology in product manufacturing and recycling.

FOR EXAMPLE: No manufacturing exhaust is vented into the atmosphere and heat from the current melting of steel is ducted and used to preheat the next batch. This not only prevents pollution but is also extremely energy efficient. Over 99% of the water used in manufacturing is recycled and re-used.
MOST IMPORTANT: 100% of the steel used is RECYCLED and 100% RECYCLABLE.

That's why we use and recommend RANGEMASTER® by DEACERO for most of our wire sales.



Savich and Lee Fencing
Savich and Lee Fencing